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The following comments where shared by individuals who have attended
West Slope Foundation's 8-Part Disaster Preparedness Workshop series.

"This was an excellent informative training.  Anyone who lives in high fire areas should take this training.  You will feel more prepared and confident should a disaster strike."
"You think you know everything about wildfire disaster preparedness???  You don't!!! Do yourself a favor and attend the workshop."
"This course is well worth every minute of your time.  It is an investment in yourself for the peace of mind it offers in being prepared.  Also, you become an asset to your community rather than a liability."
"I found this workshop to be incredibly insightful, thought provoking, and emotional at times.  There was so much help and care put into the workshop.  I learned quite a bit that I can share.  West Slope Foundation has made a difference."
"Very helpful workshop sessions.  It makes a difference when presenters have firsthand experiences with disasters.  You are a resilient group."
"I did not realize how unprepared I was for a disaster.  With the help and guidance of West Slope Foundation and the highly qualified staff I am so much more prepared to evacuate.  I recommend everyone attend the workshop."
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