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The Caldor Fire may have been almost 2 years ago, but many of the survivors who lost everything during this devastating disaster are still in dire need of help.  With the high costs to rebuild, they have been unable to secure the funding to replace the house that burned down.  It's an unimaginable struggle every day, which is why West Slope Foundation is asking for your help. 


If you have ever been impacted by a disaster or just needed help during a difficult time in your life, you know what it felt like to get the assistance you needed.  By supporting West Slope Foundation, you can Pay It Forward, being there for those in need of help now, just like the people that helped you with their kindness and generosity.  Take action TODAY and make a difference.


Financial Contributions

Dollar Bill in Jar
The Boy Pouring Coins on the Table
Payment Method

Financial contributions allow West Slope Foundation to act quickly in the first few days and weeks after a disaster to provide individuals and families who have been displaced by a disaster with their most immediate needs.  This can include such things as lodging, gasoline, clothing, pet boarding, replacing lost medication, diapers, car rental and so much more.  It takes time for community wide resources to be in place and insurance claims take time to process, which is why West Slope Foundations offers our assistance to help bridge the gap.  

In-Kind Donations

Clothes Donation
Bag of fabrics
Packing Food in Boxes

It's a long road to recovery for Disaster Survivors.  For months and even years after a disaster has struck, individuals and families are still struggling to replace what they lost as well as being able to meet basic everyday needs.  In-Kind donations are essential in helping Disaster Survivors reclaim some form of normalcy in their lives again.

Program Support

Collapsed Tree
Burned Forest

West Slope Foundation does not put a time-limit on helping Disaster Victims.  We have made the commitment to be a reliable resource for the long-haul.  What every Disaster Survivor wants is to reclaim the life they had before being impacted by a disaster, once again living in a home of their own.  That is what West Slope Foundation wants too.  The individuals and families we help are members of our community.  Through our Resiliency Programs we are able to move our neighbors forward on the road to recovery.  


Closeup of comforting hands
Volunteers on Construction Site

Volunteers are an invaluable asset during disasters.  West Slope Foundation recognizes the immeasurable impact they have on the lives of Disaster Survivors, filling countless needs from providing a shoulder to cry on, preparing meals, providing transportation, hammering nails in a new home, translating, rescuing stranded pets, collecting and distributing clothing, answering phones and showing through their selfless actions there are really good people in our community.  

If you don't want to be sitting on the sidelines during the next disaster, consider volunteering with West Slope Foundation.  We'd appreciate having you on our team and those who we help will definitely benefit from your talents and compassion.

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