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Immediate Needs

Working directly with the Caldor Fire Survivors to obtain items that helps aid their daily lives while they rebuild to their new normal. 

Seasonal Needs

Survivors living in trailers, especially in Grizzly Flats during the hot treeless summers and snowy winters, are in desperate need of specific items to help them survive the seasonal weather elements. Questionnaires are created and sent to the survivors several months before the change in season to obtain information on what is needed the most. Mini Seasonal Distribution Days are set up at the start of the season to pass out those items that have been requested by the survivors.

Veterans Assistance

To show our support for those that served our country, WSF created a program that supplies financial aid for the Caldor Fire surviving veterans. This program is still evolving as well to include more interaction with the VET Center to supply even more resources to our veterans.

Distribution Days

Distribution Day Events that have distributed household goods, small appliances, personal hygiene products, clothing, warm winter jackets, tools, totes, heaters, kitchen in a box, bathroom in a box, infant care in a box, and much more. Several faith-based communities and other local organization/county agencies attend these events to distribute items they have collected or hand out resources. It is a team effort to supply the survivors with basic items.

Unmet Needs

Addressing the need to find funding and resources to rebuild, in conjunction with the CLTRG, WSF helps to supply gap funding to individuals who need a little extra help getting back into their forever homes.

Home Again

When families are finally in their new stable home, survivors can sign up for the “finishing touches” for their houses to help them make their new houses feel like a home again. (Survivors from other devastated areas have said that when they move into their new houses that it does not feel like their home. The Home Again Program supplies items through Amazon Wish Lists that can be purchased to help a family feel more at home, and aid in the adjustment period of settling into their houses.)

More to come...

We are constantly looking to develop new programs that benefit the Caldor Fire survivors and the community we serve. 


Personal Needs

  • Clothing - All ages, genders, sizes, genders for all seasons.

  • Gloves - All ages, genders, sizes, genders for all seasons.

  • Seasonal Coats and Jackets - All ages, genders, sizes, genders for all seasons

  • Shoes - All ages, genders, sizes, genders for all seasons (including snow and work boots)

  • Socks - All ages, genders, sizes, genders for all seasons.

Household Needs

  • Appliances - Large (Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, etc.)

  • Appliances - Small (Microwave, Coffee Maker, Toaster Oven, etc.)

  • Bath Towels

  • Bedding - Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King

  • Blankets - Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King

  • Furniture

  • Household Goods - Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Cleaning Supplies, etc.

  • Pet Food

  • Technology - Computers, Laptops, Phone, Internet, etc.

Survival Needs

  • Air Conditioner/Heaters

  • Gas Cards

  • Popup Tent - 10x10

  • Tarps - 10x10, 12x20, 20x40

  • Propane

  • Propane Tanks

  • Buckets with Lids

  • Totes with lids

  • Trailer Carport

  • Generators

  • Electrical Power Bars - Indoor

  • Extension Cords - Indoor and Outdoor

WSF has several other programs that are dedicated to helping Caldor Fire survivors, and surrounding communities. Other programs include Disaster Resiliency and Recovery, and a Caldor Fire Artisan Center. WSF is constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of the Caldor Fire Survivors and help the communities that make up the western slope of El Dorado County are prepared for when the next disaster strikes.

Program History:

From the beginning WSF knew they had to address the community’s basic needs to survive, which is how the Immediate Needs program was developed. Due to the personal impact the fire had on individuals and the community, WSF has tirelessly dedicated themselves to supplying immediate and long-term aid in the form of financial aid, goods and services, and resources to the impacted Caldor Fire survivors, and will continue to help for as long as the need is there.

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