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Donation Boxes


In the aftermath of the Caldor Fire, one of the first priorities for West Slope Foundation was addressing the evacuee's immediate basic needs.  Due to the devastating impact the fire had on individuals and the community the requests for help seemed endless.  West Slope Foundation ended up developing a number of programs to supply immediate and long-term aid in the form of goods, financial assistance, services and other resources to the impacted Caldor Fire survivors. 

Those programs have evolved into our Individual Assistance Programs, which are available to disaster survivors in our community.

Recognizing a Need and Taking Action

Individual Assistance Programs

Seasonal Needs

Survivors living in trailers, especially in Grizzly Flats during the hot treeless summers and snowy winters, are in desperate need of specific items to help them survive the seasonal weather elements. Questionnaires are created and sent to the survivors several months before the change in season to obtain information on what is needed the most. 

Unmet Needs

Addressing the need to find funding and resources to rebuild, in conjunction with the Caldor Long Term Recovery Group, West Slope Foundation helps to supply gap funding to individuals who need a little extra help getting back into their forever homes.

Veteran's Assistance

To show our support for those that served our country, West Slope Foundation created a program that supplies financial aid for disaster victims. This program is still evolving as well to include more interaction with the VET Center to supply even more resources to our veterans.

Home Again Program

The Home Again Program supplies items through Amazon Wish Lists that can be purchased to help a family when they move into the home that replaces the one they lost during a disaster.

Distribution Day Event

Distribution Day Events happen in the weeks and months following a disaster.  Items such as household goods, small appliances, personal hygiene products, clothing, warm winter jackets, tools, totes, heaters, kitchen in a box, bathroom in a box, infant care in a box, and much more are distributed. Several faith-based communities and other local organization/county agencies attend these events to distribute items they have collected or hand out resources. It is a team effort to supply the survivors with basic items as they work to rebuild them life and home.

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