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Immediate Needs

Working directly with the Caldor Fire Survivors to obtain resources, services, and assistance to  help aid their daily lives, while they rebuild to their new normal. 

Seasonal Needs

Survivors living in trailers, especially in Grizzly Flats during the hot treeless summers and snowy winters, are in desperate need of specific items to help them survive the seasonal weather elements. Questionnaires are created and sent to the survivors several months before the change in season to obtain information on what is needed the most. Mini Seasonal Distribution Days are set up at the start of the season to pass out those items that have been requested by the survivors.

Distribution Day Events

Distribution Day Events that have distributed household goods, small appliances, personal hygiene products, clothing, warm winter jackets, tools, totes, heaters, kitchen in a box, bathroom in a box, infant care in a box, and much more. Several faith-based communities and other local organization/county agencies attend these events to distribute items they have collected or hand out resources. It is a team effort to supply the survivors with basic items.

Disaster Resiliency and Recovery

Learning from the Caldor Fire, we have taken the experience and have created disaster preparedness and recovery educational information, trainings, and hands on workshops that will prepare the most vulnerable communities within the western slope of

El Dorado County. 

Caldor Fire Community Tool Shed

The Community Toolshed provides Caldor Fire survivors with access to tools and equipment that they may have lost in the fire. It is a lending resource available at no cost to the families rebuilding their homes and their lives.

Veteran Assistance

To show our support for those that served our country, WSF created a program that supplies financial aid for the Caldor Fire surviving veterans. This program is still evolving as well to include more interaction with the VET Center to supply even more resources to our veterans.


One of the primary missions of West Slope Foundation is to identify and meet the immediate and long-term needs of the Caldor Fire Survivors. We wish we could help everyone who was impacted by the wild land fire, but unfortunately there is not enough funding. 

To qualify for West Slope Foundation Aid* Programs, or Disaster Case Management assistance, all these requirements must be met: 

  • Disaster Related

  • 50% or more loss to home due to direct impact of the disaster (this does not include smoke, ash, or any other damage outside of fire) or your home was completely destroyed This is verified by the El Dorado County Caldor Fire Structure Status map provided by the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department.

  • Primary Residence

  • Live(d) within the disaster zone

*This excludes any non-disaster recovery programs. 

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