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The Caldor Fire may have been almost 2 years ago, but many of the survivors who lost everything during this devastating disaster are still in dire need of help.  With the high costs to rebuild, they have been unable to secure the funding to replace the house that burned down.  It's an unimaginable struggle every day, which is why West Slope Foundation is asking for your help.  This is a chance for you to Pay-It-Forward, especially if you are fortunate to have a place to call home.  There are several ways you can help the residents of Grizzly Flats and other impacted areas who still very much want to go back to the place they miss every day.  Below are a few ways you can start make a difference in the life of a survivor.  Take action TODAY!


In-Kind Donations

The Caldor Fire survivors are still struggling to find rebuild solutions, while putting every penny aside with the hopes to eventually start rebuilding. Most survivors have had to drastically cut their spending in order to save for their future homes.  This leaves many survivors struggling to purchase life's basic need:

  • Toiletries - shampoo/conditioner, soap, feminine products

  • Household goods - toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies

  • Personal needs - seasonal clothing, shoes, under garments, etc., for all ages, genders and sizes

Through direct contact and information captured through our applications/registrations, we have been able to obtain a list of items that the Caldor Fire Survivors need the most right now.  Please click on the link above to find out how you can help purchase In-Kind items through the West Slope Foundation Amazon Shopping List.

Program Support


West Slope Foundation has several programs that directly support the Caldor Fire Survivors, such as:

  • Immediate Needs

  • Un-met Needs 

  • Veterans Assistance

  • Caldor Fire Survivor's Tool Shed

  • Disaster and Recovery

  • And many more, with additional programs being launched in 2023.


To learn more about our programs, and how you can help the Caldor Fire Survivors, please click on the button above. 



Want to get involved but you don't know how to help?  Here are some suggestions. 

  1. Sign-up to volunteer at a future event that helps survivors and keeps West Slope Foundation prepared for the next disaster in our area. 

   2. Help raise funds to help meet the needs of disaster victims. Here are a few ideas:

  • Bake less bake sale.

  • Lemonade stand.

  • Penny wars.

  • Asking for donations to go to West Slope Foundation in lieu of birthday gifts.

  • Ask employer if they have a matching gift program. 

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