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Scot Telfer
Executive Director

Scot has a total of 11 years with NGOs. He started as a Board Member and Technical Director for the Future Chefs of El Dorado County, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to students to train to be Chefs. Telfer's 10 years with Future Chefs included managing events and fundraising. Telfer is also active in his community and led Keep Somerset Rural, a local effort to keep large, big box stores from opening in their rural community. As part of this effort, Telfer presented at Board of Supervisor Meetings and worked closely with other community organizations, local government, and elected officials to successfully stop these projects from proceeding. Telfer organizes and oversees fundraisers and community distribution events that support Caldor Fire recovery efforts, which includes providing individual and financial assistance to fire survivors. Currently Scot is one of the three Co-Chairs of the Better Together Caldor Recovery Group. 

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