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Get To Know Us


Our mission is to help the communities of El Dorado County's Western Slope become better prepared while providing aid during the response and recovery stages of a disaster or declared emergency.

To provide outreach and recovery for individuals who are most in need from natural and man-made disasters within the West Slope communities of El Dorado County.


Meeting the immediate and long-term needs of the community and individuals impacted by natural and man-made disasters within the West Slope of El Dorado County.


Our Story

West Slope Foundation came into existence following the devastating Caldor Fire in August 2021.  In the months that followed we became more engaged in helping our community recover.  Through this process we have learned a great deal. Now we are sharing the lessons learned to help people be better prepared, while supporting the survivors still in need of help.

Evacuees who fled the flames quickly learned that pre-disaster planning was limited in their communities and that if more on-going education had been available, Caldor Fire preparedness, response, relief and recovery efforts would have been far more effective and efficient.  There were some amazing people who stepped forward though to help in the days, weeks and months following the fire.  Their tireless efforts eased the suffering, gave survivors hope and met many of the evacuee's basis needs. 

Responding to disasters without a coordinated plan is not the way it should be done though.  West Slope Foundation is working hard to ensure better results when the next disaster strikes.  Our disaster focused programs are designed to rectify this lack of pre­-planning and education and will improve future outcomes for our community - our neighbors.

Our Team

Dedicated to helping through expertise and passion.

All the Staff at West Slope Foundation understand we have an important job to do, not only in the aftermath of a disaster but on every other day. In the midst of a crisis, we are there for the members of our community who need assistance rebuilding their homes and lives that have been left in a shamble. During non-disaster times we are committed to getting our community members prepared to tackle the next disaster that may come their way. It is an honor to be a resource for our community during good times and bad times.  

Our Village

West Slope Foundation would like to thank our Village of volunteers, organizations, agencies, and corporate partners that have supplied foods, services, and resources to the community we serve. It has taken a village to support them. The team effort started days after the Caldor Fire erupted and continues today. We are committed to standing together for as long as it takes. 

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