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Evacuation Types

Evacuation Warning

  • Potential threat to life and property.

  • Leave immediately if you require extra time to evacuate or have large animals.

  • Be prepared to leave if an Evacuation Order is issued.

  • Use Evacuation Warning Checklist to start a safe evacuation process.

  • Gather valuables and important documents, put in vehicle or next to the door to grab quickly.

  • Know evacuation routes and check to see if there are any road blocks closing on certain routes.

Evacuation Order

  • Immediate threat to life and property.

  • Grab family and friends and leave immediately.

  • Use Evacuation Order Checklist to grab any last minute items, if there is time. 

  • Listen to Emergency Responders directions while evacuating. 

  • Check to make sure your neighbors are out of their homes, if there is time. 

Shelter in Place

  • Stay inside a safe building.

  • You may need to shelter in place for several days or weeks. 

  • Supplies, gas, and backup electricity may be required for the entire length of shelter in place order. 

  • Prepare by building a Go-Bag for each of your family members to include basic needs and first aid for a minimum of 72 hours. 

Evacuation Hub

Active Disaster Response

Incident Response Information and Updates.

Details will be posted here when there is an Active Disaster or Declared Emergency in El Dorado County.

Programs for Survivors

One of the primary missions of WSF is to identify and meet the immediate and long-term needs of disaster survivors. We have several programs that are here to support you through these uncertain times. You are not alone, we are here to help. Click below to learn more about our survivor programs. 

Disaster & Emergency Alerts

Staying informed during a disaster with timely and accurate information saves lives.  Click below for resources you can rely on to learn what you need to know to remain safe.


WSF appreciates the compassion and involvement of the people in our community who have stepped forward to help survivors.  Whether an employee or volunteer with a non-profit organization or government agency, the combined efforts have had a huge impact on the families that lost everything.

Evacuation Orders and Information

West Slope Foundation will be looped into El Dorado County emergency response agencies to obtain the most current evacuation information as possible.  That information and updates will be posted here when an Evacuation Order has been issued.

Steps for a Safe Evacuation

This checklist walks you through the steps to take to safely evacuate your family.  Following these steps can greatly reduce the stress felt during an evacuation.

Coming Soon

Disaster Evacuation Checklist

The checklists below are to be used only if you and your family have time to grab items before evacuating. The most important thing is that you get to safety! To view the savable checklist in a separate window, please click the link below. 

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