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Response Hub

Disaster & Emergency Alerts

Staying informed during a disaster with timely and accurate information saves lives.  Click below for resources you can rely on to learn what you need to know to remain safe.


One of our primary missions is to identify and meet the immediate needs of disaster survivors during an evacuation. Our programs are here to help support you through these uncertain times. 

Disaster Response

Active incident(s) including information and updates. When activated, CERT information will also be provided. 


The combined efforts of many are here to assist you through every step of a disaster. 

Evacuation Orders & Information

Information and updates on Evacuation Warnings and Order in El Dorado County. 

Steps for a Safe Evacuation

This checklist walks you through the steps to take to safely evacuate your family.  Following these steps can greatly reduce the stress felt during an evacuation.

Coming Soon
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