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WSF was formed to help the survivors of the Caldor Fire in 2021. Based on personal experiences and lessons learned we have developed the below programs to help disaster survivors. All evacuees and survivors must first fill out the Application for Assistance. Only one application is needed per household. If you, or a member of your household, have already submitted an application, please continue to the programs below. 


Supporting evacuees and survivors has been our main mission since we began, in September 2021. Our programs have taken into consideration what resources, services and assistance, evacuees and survivors need, by first hand experience and knowledge, as well as, working directly with our community. That allowed us to develop multiple programs to assist those impacted by an emergency or disaster, for the short and long term. 

Immediate Needs
Short Term Needs

The Immediate Needs programs are geared for the days, weeks, and months that follow an emergency or disaster. These programs help with the immediate needs during an active evacuation, or after learning you may have lost your home. The Immediate Needs programs are there when life seems to be the most chaotic and uncertain. 



Programs will reopen in the event of an

emergency or disaster in our community. 


Distribution Day Events

These events provide evacuees and survivors with basic needs (toilet paper, personal hygiene items, clothing, and so much more), and more specific items like camping gear, tarps, bedding, household items, etc. These items are gathered from In-Kind donations, and specific items are procured from big box stores or purchased using donated funds. Events are open to anyone impacted by a disasters in our community. Certain criteria may apply, so be sure to read the program requirements before registering for a Distribution Day. To learn more about our Distribution events please visit our Distribution Day page, or click the button below. 


To learn more about the items that are always needed at these events, please visit the In-Kind Donation page. Please, contact us first before donating any of these items. We may have already received the needed quantities to support the community and, with our limited space, we may not have room for additional items. If you are interested in donating any of these items, please email us at

Immediate Needs Requests

This program allows individuals to submit a request for supplies and needs through an application process. These requests also help us have a better understanding of common items asked for, so we can have those items at the Distribution Day Events. 


Littlest Survivors

Coming Soon

We witnessed firsthand the on-going struggles of the survivors of all ages within our community. This awareness has led us to work to develop and provide effective resources that will help them heal, including the children. WSF’s Littlest Survivors Children’s Book will include short stories, written by children survivors, to help children recognize and understand the troubling feelings they are experiencing following a life-changing event. This resource for the littlest survivors, and their parents, will be written by children that have gone through similar situations after their community was impacted by a disaster. 


If you are a survivor and have school aged children that would like to help us with this important resource, please email


Individual Needs
 Long Term Needs

It's a long road to recovery for Disaster Survivors.  For months and even years after a disaster, individuals and families still struggle to replace what they lost, while trying to meet basic everyday needs. Our Individual Needs Programs address the long-term needs of the survivors. We made a promise to help our community, and we intend to keep that promise with our Individual Needs Programs.



Individual Needs Requests

This program allows individuals to submit a request for supplies and basic needs through an application process. These requests also help us have a better understanding of common items asked for, so we can provide those items through our Seasonal Needs Program.  

Seasonal Needs

Survivors living in recreational vehicles (RV), especially in Grizzly Flats during the hot treeless summers and snowy winters, are in desperate need of specific items to help them get through the seasonal weather elements. Questionnaires are created and sent to the survivors before the change in season to obtain information on what is needed the most. Through grants, we work to purchase as many of those needs as possible for our survivors most in need.  


 2024 Spring/Summer Seasonal Needs


Home Again

The Home Again Program is our final program we have to offer to disaster survivors who have purchased a new home, rebuilt, or have found stable housing. To help them settle into their new home, we offer families the opportunity to "shop" for new and slightly used household items Families are also allowed to choose two Room in a Box totes.


Bathroom: (4) Washcloths, (4) Bath Towels, (2) Hand Towels, (4) Toilet Paper,  Shampoo/Conditioner, (4) Toothbrushes, Men’s and Women's deodorant, Hand soap, Bar soap, Cleaning/Tools, Disposable Razors, Shower Curtain and Hooks, Sanitary Items, Hairbrush, Comb

Bedroom: (2) Twin size sheet set, (2) Twin size blanket, (1) Full size sheet set, (1) Full size blanket, (4) Pillows

Cleaning:  Liquid dish soap, Dish towel, Spray cleaner, (2) Sponges, Utility rags, 13 gallon trash bags, Hand brush & dust pan, Laundry detergent, Toilet brush, Toilet cleaner, Paper towels

Infant: (1) Box of mid-sized diapers, (1) Pack of flushable baby wipes 48 count or larger, (1) Baby bottle 4 oz or larger – with nipple, (1) Sippy cup, (1) Baby blanket, (1) Gender neutral stuffed animal

Kitchen: (4)Plates, (4) Cups, (4) Bowls, (4) Flatware, Frying pan, Cooking pot/Sauce pan Baking dish, Mixing/Serving bowl, Small trash can / receptacle Pack of trash bags, Can Opener, Set of cooking utensils

​Each tote may be different but contain similar items.

To choose your two Room in a Box totes and sign up to shop, please click the button bellow to get started. 


Tool Shed

The Community Tool Shed is a program that provides Caldor Fire Survivors with access to tools and equipment.  It is a lending resource available at no charge to the families rebuilding their homes and lives following the August 2021 destructive Caldor Fire.  

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