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Response Programs

CERT and Teen CERT

During an active emergency or disaster our local CERT team could be requested to assist local first responders. Information about the activations can be found on the Disaster Response page.

To learn more about CERT and how to take the basic training, please visit the National CERT Association's website. 

Evacuee & Survivor Programs

Working directly with evacuees and survivors to obtain resources, services and assistance to help aid their daily needs. These programs are here to support those impacted by a disaster or emergency through every step of the journey home. 

Programs Include:


Volunteers are an invaluable asset during disasters.  WSF recognizes the immeasurable impact they have on the lives of Disaster Survivors, filling countless needs from providing a shoulder to cry on, preparing meals, providing transportation, hammering nails in a new home, translating, rescuing stranded pets, collecting and distributing clothing, answering phones and showing through their selfless actions there are really good people in our community.


To find other volunteer opportunities in our area, click here. 

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