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Providing the Need

Following the Caldor Fire in September 2021, we realized quickly that the evacuees needed help with a lot of different resources and supplies, which is how the Distribution Day Event Program began. With the help of so many amazing volunteers, organizations, and agencies, we were able to provide basic and seasonal needs, financial assistance, direct resources, and food to over 300 households during the 28 Distribution Events. On June 11, 2023, we had our final Caldor Fire Distribution Day. As hard as it was to close our doors that last day, we were honored to have served the survivors during their time of need. 

We continue to serve the survivors that are still in need through our Individual Needs Programs that provide long-term assistance. We promised the survivors of the Caldor Fire that we would be there for them and that is a promise we continue to keep. Should there be another disasters in our community the Distribution Day Events will be brought back we will be there for those survivors as well. 

Pictures from Past Events

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