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Are You Ready?
If so, On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Motivating people to prepare for disasters is challenging.  That is why West Slope Foundation has worked really hard to develop a Free Workshop Series with a new approach that is practical, simple, productive and at the same time fun.  At the end of the eight sessions, we want people to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they upped their odds of surviving a disaster. 


Each session will provide participants newly developed, easy to use checklists, information signs and necessary forms to make the evacuation and recovery process less stressful.  Participants will be going home with items after each session such as a packed full Go Bag, reflective house number sign, emergency cards and so much more that will get them one step closer to being in good shape to tackle a disaster head on. 


Individuals who have lived through disasters, as well as experts in the field of disaster management, will share their relatable experiences.  Their intent is not to scare people, but rather to pass along the mistakes they made and what they managed to do right.  We can guarantee the sessions will not be your typical sitting in a dark room watching a power point presentation while someone talks, probably saying things you have already heard one too many times.  Fun, beneficial, thought provoking and interactive activities are scheduled for each session, to include a Treasure Hunt, Preserving Precious Photos, an Obstacle Course and so many more.  Participants will find that the 2-hour long sessions will go by quickly and they will leave feeling empowered to continue taking the steps to be better prepared for any future disasters.


At the end of the sessions, those who have attended all eight will be eligible to enter a drawing for a $1,000 Expedia Gift Card to be used to cover future evacuation expenses like a hotel room, car rental or airline ticket to a new place to live, giving the winner another reason to let out a sigh of relief knowing a big chunk of their expenses will be covered.

Fire season is fast approaching, and we all have to face the fact any of us could be the next victims.  Therefore, we encourage you to push procrastination aside and join us in getting you and our community prepared.  We can promise that one day you will be grateful you made this investment of time to protect all that matters most to you.


Workshop's Location
Fireman's Hall 7060 Mt. Aukum Road Somerset, CA 95684

West Slope Foundation Disaster Preparedness Workshop Overview

June 3, 2023
10 to 12

Session # 1: A Place to Start

This session focuses on the importance of being prepared.  Practical and easy to use and understand information, forms and checklists will be distributed to ensure the participants take the lifesaving actions the session will provide.

June 4, 2023
1 to 3

Session #2: Essentials

This session focuses on what are the essential items people need to take with them when they evacuate.  Go Bags will be given to participants.  A tote will be given to each household so clothing for 3 days can be gathered and stored.  Specific information related to animal preparedness and evacuations will be discussed.

June 10, 2023
10 to 12

Session #3: Where to Go

This session focuses on what you need to safely evacuate people and animals and how to do so quickly to get out of the way of danger. Knowing where to go after leaving your home will be discussed to minimize confusion.

June 11, 2023
1 to 3

Session # 4: Don't Do It Alone

This session focuses on the importance of getting acquainted with people in your neighborhood and community, prior to a disaster occurring.  Participants will be given information to help them identify what their specific needs might be during an evacuation and how to connect with people that can help meet those needs, making this stressful time more manageable.

July 8, 2023
10 to 12

Session # 5: Help Is All Around You

This session focuses on who all the players are during a disaster response.  Local, state and federal agencies offering disaster assistance will be identified and their specific roles explained.  In addition, all the non-profit organizations that provide show up to help will be introduced.  Knowing how to plug into their agencies and organizations can make life a lot easier for disaster victims.

July 9, 2023
1 to 3

Session # 6: Let's Talk

This session focuses on the vital importance of communication during disasters.  Methods and resources will be discussed to help people access clear, accurate and reliable information.  How social media is used during disasters will be explored.  Addressing how to best talk with children who have been affected by a disaster will be discussed.

July 22, 2023
10 to 12

Session #7: Safety Barrier

This session focuses on protecting your home, whether you own or rent it.  Wildland fires are the greatest threat in El Dorado County.  For this reason, defensible space, home hardening and fire-resistant landscaping will be explained.  Information related to other types of disasters or human caused emergencies that could happen in El Dorado County will be identified too.

July 23, 2023
1 to 3

Session #8: This Too Shall Pass

This session focuses on what to expect after you have been evacuated.  Victims, turned survivors, of the Caldor Fire will share their experiences.  How to prepare to go home, whether it is to an actual house, or all that is left of one, will be discussed.  What to do if you encounter wildlife, and especially if they are injured, when you get back to your property will be explained.

More Sessions
To Come

All 8 Sessions Will Be Repeated

West Slope Foundation plans to offer all 8 sessions twice a year.  Additional workshops are being developed for the future.

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